April 30 2019

Why to Track Periods or why Period Tracking app is essential for every female

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"Period tracking should be a lifelong habit and can give you something to refer to if your body changes."

Technology is fantastic, useful, and insidiously part of our lives. Period Apps are another arrival that are fast on the rise, but should we, or indeed need we, use an app to track our menstrual cycles? Or are they another piece of tech unnecessarily monitoring our data?


Menstrual health was one of the most underrepresented categories of health apps available in India. I thought it was important to develop an app that not only allows women to track their menstrual cycle, but also an app that educates and informs,  to stock and buy  sanitary napkins and also donate. Menstrual health is a reflection of overall health.


No more guessing games of when to expect your period: Even if you’re irregular, tracking apps can at least give you an a proximity of when to expect your period, based on your past cycles. You can even get notifications when to expect your period. Because let’s face it, as busy women, sometimes we need the reminder.



From your first period, to pregnancy, to menopause, tracking these events can help you understand your body better."

It can help you understand your unique patterns-The most simple way to track your cycle is to log when your period occurs so you can start to understand your average cycle length. Everybody is different, and being irregular is more regular than you might think. If you are aware of your cycle, you will naturally feel more in control - and not be surprised by your next period."

It can tell you when you're fertile-There are common misconceptions that you can only get pregnant on your day of ovulation, or that you can get pregnant all the time. Neither of these is true. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, knowing when this window occurs is key.  Using an app that will tell you when you’re ovulating will assist you in effectively using this form of birth control.


Period tracking could assist in solving medical mysteries-It can make you more aware of your overall health .It’s amazing how beneficial an overall awareness of personal health can be. Your menstrual cycle is a direct indicator of your overall health, and periods are your body's way of telling you that things are working as they should.


By tracking and logging various details of your cycle, you will be able to recall things that you would likely have forgotten when next speaking with your doctor." "Having an extremely irregular or heavy cycle, or losing your period altogether, can uncover an existing, underlying condition much before time.


Period tracking apps help you keep up to date with where you are in your cycle and remind you when your period is coming. More advanced apps also keep track of other elements (think skin conditions, exercise, emotional state and so on) in order to empower women and allow them to fully understand how different aspects of their lifestyle can be affected by their menstrual cycle, and vice versa.


You'll have all your info on your health in hand- Avoid forgetting to ask your doctor a question that question about your body you’ve been wondering, or having to half make up answers about your period at your annual. A period app keeps track of everything so you don’t have to. Detect unexpected patterns: Irregular cycles, very heavy cycles, change in color and consistency – all these characteristics speak about your health. Noticing a sudden change or irregularity is easier when tracking your cycle and it can help you seek advice from your doctor early on.


Scheduling much ahead -Planning holidays, travels & busy days: you can work with or around your period. Some events or dates might be better held when you’re not fighting fatigue, menstrual cramps and bloating – and it’s very important that you give your body the rest it needs. When you track your menstrual cycle, you’re in control of your body, your schedule, your well-being and you avoid period surprises .


Mood and mental health-  Many people who menstruate tell their story of how important it is to adjust medication or detect a connection between mental health problems and menstruation. You can understand and manage mood swings-While hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle have been suggested to create moods like irritability and anxiety, a definitive link between mood and the menstrual cycle is still under study and debate. Again, being aware of changes helps you prepare for and manage them."


Keep track of your sanitary pad in place  Subscription: If you use our subscription service, the app allows you to easily make updates to your account!

They’re convenient, easy to use, and we at Niine is the first app which allows you to buy online.



 It’s science-backed and science-obsessed, and offers a robust, doctor-sourced blog on women’s health topics  in addition to tracking menstruation and cervical mucus quality and other women well being Information.


The NIINE aim is to move towards more integrated services that anticipates that Break the Silence ,youth  will help dispel unhealthy traditional beliefs about menstrual taboos, and supply factual  resources to girls in schools on how to manage their periods. Niine also seeks to provide transitional information to women who are ending their menstrual journey, and to inspire boldness in girls and women to share their  experiences.  Trackers can help you take control of your own body: Knowledge is power. Keeping track of your body’s patterns can take out some of the not so pleasant surprise elements, and it’s empowering. And let’s be honest, it feels good when you’re informed about yourself .


Becoming better educated not only about menstruation in general but your own unique cycle can better enable you to become more in tune with your body as a whole, benefitting you both inside and out.


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