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Your baby needs something more than just a pair of pants to spend the days and nights in. Something as comfy as a mother’s hug and something as soft as a mother’s touch. Niine Diaper Pants not only wraps your baby in cottony soft comfort, but also makes sure that his nights are soporifically peaceful, calm, and most importantly, dry.


Your baby’s delicate skin is no place for dirt and impurities to settle or rashes to occur. Treat and clean their sensitive skin with gentleness and love. After every diaper change or whenever your baby feels a wee bit too adventurous, Niine Baby Wipes always come in handy.

Baby diaper pants that wrap your baby in cottony soft comfort and give them the best skin protection.
Niine Diaper Pants Small

Niine Diaper Pants for a soft and warm hug around that cute little bum.

Overnight Protection

Leak Proof Cuffs

Gentle Care For Your Baby

All Round Comfort And Fit

Caress your baby’s delicate skin with Niine’s Cottony Soft Baby Wipes.
Niine Baby Wipes

Your weekly stash of cleaning your baby with love.


Dermatologically Tested




Rash Control

Bio degradable

100 % Biodegradable

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Niine constantly strives to provide solutions beyond just products, by leveraging research and technology to facilitate convenience and ultimately improve the lives of our consumers. We have penetrated the Hygiene and Personal Care sector after a great success with Niine Sanitary Napkins. We endeavour to replicate the same success with Niine Baby Diaper Pants and Niine Baby Wipes. ...

Sizes: S, M, L

Niine hygiene and personal care has launched Niine baby diapers in small, medium and large sizes. Wearing the right size is essential for the baby to feel comfortable and to keep the skin dry and soft. The small size baby diapers are designed for kids weighing about 4-8 kg, medium size for about 7-12 kg and large size baby diapers are best suited for kids weighing 9-14 kg. Visit your nearest chemist outlet or shop for Niine baby diapers online to avail the best offers.


Niine Diaper Pants are designed to provide upto 10 hours of protection for your baby. The Cottony Soft Topsheet, Backsheet and Waist belt ensures maximum comfort for your baby's skin. It comes with a quick absorbent layer and also a wetness indicator which indicates when it is time for a change. The leak proof cuffs help prevent leakage. The wrap and throw feature and disposal tape makes diaper disposal very convenient. Niine Diaper Pants also c Joining the bandwagon of leading baby diaper manufacturers in India, Niine too offers premium features, however what sets Niine apart is the affordable pricing, starting at just Rs 10 per diaper. While there are multiple baby diapers available online in India, now you know what to look for in your next purchase.

Fit, absorption and comfort

Niine Baby Diapers are disposable diapers which are easy to wear and have leg holes to give a snug fit. Niine diapers also have a quick dry mechanism which ensures instant absorption to provide maximum comfort.


Packets carry a size guide which is based on the weight of your baby. Check your baby's weight and find the best fit. You will need to move to the next size as your baby gains weight and grows bigger.

Niine Baby Diaper Pants have been carefully made keeping all the above points in mind to ensure maximum comfort to your baby.


Niine Baby Diaper Pants are available pan India in general stores, chemist stores, as well as leading online platforms. With the growth of eCommerce, many young parents are buying baby diapers online for convenience. Now parents can conveniently shop Niine baby diapers online from Amazon and Flipkart as well.

Buy Baby Wipes Online

Niine Baby wipes are the best choice to clean the sensitive skin of infants and keep the skin soft, clean and infection free. Simply wipe the baby wet wipes on your darling's soft skin and dispose of them with every use.

What to look for in baby wipes?

As the baby’s skin is still developing and very sensitive, it is important to ensure the following when selecting the baby wipes for your baby:

If the baby wipes you select, fits the above criteria (like Niine Cottony Soft Baby Wipes which are 100% Biodegradable), then they can be used on your baby’s bottom while changing diaper or to wipe your baby’s face and hands after meals, playtime or contact with surfaces.

Why buy Niine Wet Wipes for your Baby?

Niine understands how important it is to keep your baby’s skin clean and rash-free. Baby wet wipes help to protect the sensitive skin and keep it soft and healthy. Sweat usually clogs the skin pores of the babies so baby wet wipes can come handy for a quick refreshing clean-up. Especially in hot summers, the delicate skin of your baby can be kept free from dust and sweat along with proper moisturization.

Niine Cottony Sof t Baby Wipes are best for your baby including newborns as they are hypoallergenic, soft and 100% Biodegradable, ideal for sensitive newborn baby 's skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera which gently nourishes and moisturizes your baby's soft skin. These wipes can be used on your baby's bottom while changing diapers and also to wipe baby's face and hands after meals, playtime or contact with surfaces. These wipes also help prevent diaper rash. Niine Baby wipes are Alcohol and Paraben Free, soap and silicone free and dermatologically tested.

Where to use Baby Wipes?

Baby wet wipe s can be used anytime to gently remove dirt and keep the baby clean. Proper hygiene is important to keep the baby physically fit and away from any infection. Baby wipes can be used for the following:

Where to buy Baby Wipes for Newborns & Toddlers?

Niine Baby Wipes are available pan India in general stores, chemist stores, as well as leading online platforms. Now parents can conveniently shop baby wipes online from Amazon and Flipkart.

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