February 28 2019

How to Dispose Sanitary Pads

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As a woman living in India, disposing sanitary waste is something I often have to think about, sometimes even worry about. And such is the monthly plight of countless Indian women across the country.

Lack of education and awareness among people, unwilling to accept otherwise, still leads to restrictions on women's lives during their menstruation.

Periods are occasionally inconvenient. But what is more inconvenient is disposing soiled sanitary napkins.

Sanitary hygiene education is still a novel term in India .We at Niine aim at creating awareness at the grassroots level both in terms of use & disposal and also about the hazards of careless disposal of pads. Local and global celebrities, NGOs and we at Niine Sanitary Napkins have  strived to leverage the step and take the message to the cross section of women.

Women manage menstruation differently when they are at home or outside; at homes, they dispose of menstrual products in domestic wastes and in public toilets and they flush them in the toilets as  toilet facilities lack bins for the disposal of sanitary pads without knowing the consequences of choking .In rural areas, there are many options for disposing menstrual waste such as by burying, burning, and throwing in garbage and waterbodies .

Any soiled sanitary product is a breeding ground for infections and diseases. Stagnant menstrual blood accumulates bacteria such as hepatitis and E coli, which multiplies and exposes the workers to harmful chemicals and pathogens . Thus making the toilets dirty, breeding place for flies and mosquitoes, and also unhygienic for other toilet users and cleaners both. The clogged drainage with napkins has to be unblocked and cleaned manually by conservancy workers with their bare hands without proper protection and tools. Thus risking their lives with diseases which they are unaware.

The main goal of sanitary pad disposal is to get rid of them in a clean and discreet way. Sanitary pads can safely be disposed of at home/outside in a few, quick steps.



Step 1 Fold your used sanitary pad in half to cover the menstrual blood, leaving only the adhesive side of the pad exposed.

Step 2 Wrap a few layers of toilet paper around the sanitary pad, which keeps the pad folded closed. If you prefer, you can place the wrapped sanitary pad inside a small plastic or paper bag, or inside the wrapper that belongs to your next sanitary pad.

Step 3 Discard the wrapped sanitary pad in a trash which is covered bin.

Step 4 Wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 5 Empty indoor household trash cans that contain used sanitary pads every two days to prevent odor. Bacteria that grows on old sanitary pads  cause an unpleasant odor and multiply.

Disposal of menstrual waste is of major concern as it affects health and environment. Specific sanitary dispensers to collect menstrual waste should be installed and covered dustbins. Gloves and proper safety tools should be provided to the cleaners so that they are not exposed to pathogenic organisms and diseases.

 There is a need for effective menstrual materials which needs less and cost-effective management. We at Niine Sanitary napkins are manufacturing sanitary pads and disclose the information on the pads packets regarding their disposal and enclosing bags to dispose sanitary pad which no other brand provides. Our Niine sanitary napkin comes with biodegradable disposal bags that are resealable as well. The pads are completely ink free, prevents odor and are with bags which biodegradable which is handy for safe dispose. You can simply enclose a used Niine  pad in its disposal bag, and dispose it of along with your wet waste.

How easy it has become for anyone carry my pads anywhere they  go and to get disposed of them with utmost dignity and self-pride.

Let’s hope to bring awareness towards menstrual hygiene and safe disposal of sanitary waste by switching to  Niine Sanitary napkins.  

Do not conceal in silence rather decompose your trash with the sense of accountability.



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