April 27 2019

Can I play Holi on my Periods ?

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Glad to hear that you are staying physically active! Playing sports, celebrating festivals and having your period can definitely go hand in hand. It’s absolutely NOT bad to play festivals like Holi while on your period.


Sometimes physical activity can even make you feel better, especially if you’re feeling crampy or bloated. So it takes little extra planning while on period to make sure that we have the right "gear". Consider what you will be wearing, how long you will be gone from home, and what type of restroom facilities will be available.  You might want to pack a small bag with extras (underwear, pads, tampons) and keep some hand sanitizer and a small package of wipes readily available in case the restroom that is provided is not well stocked.

If you prefer wearing pads, make sure your underwear fits well and use a pad with good coverage. If tampons are your fav, make sure to wear the right absorbency and change as directed.

So you have lots of options.  The key is to work out what works for YOU.



When you going for a pool party during periods you will find that we don’t seem to bleed while in the water. It’s not because our period bleeding stops in water (it’s a natural process where the coat on the uterus shed) it’s because we are already in water which creates a counter pressure due to which the menstrual flow is gridlocked (holds at one spot) and does not enter the water. So Feel free to join Holi pool party this season.

Many women stick to dark colors like brown, black, and red when they are on their period because in the event of back stains, dark colours make them less noticeable and in today’s time dry fit clothing active wear available which is not only comfortable also gets dry soon and there is no need to worry for Stains! Why compromise your fashion choices just because you are afraid of stains

Go for longer and wider pads that will keep you guarded and prevent leaks that cause unsightly back stains. With the proper feminine product, you can dare to enjoy Holi festival without the worry of staining yourself later in the day. Have fun with your fashion and feel happy and comfortable in an easy, breezy attire.

With the kinds of feminine products available today you can say goodbye to granny panties, period panties, and other period hacks you do to help prevent staining.

Take charge during your red days and don’t let you menstruation tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. We dare you – no double dare you 

Happy Holi!

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