April 30 2019

9 ways to deal with period cramps

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Feeling uneasy and awful during periods? Then raise your hand, because you are not the only one.

As much as menstruation is an important biological activity for the female body, it also comes with its own effects. Every month, during periods, most women go through discomfort around the abdominal area, lower back, and thighs, along with period cramps. While some women are oblivious to this pain and discomfort, many others go through this painful experience every month, sometime, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea. This pain, medically called dysmenorrhea arises from the womb contracting and helping your body to shed the uterus lining. The cramps are nothing but your abdominal and uterine muscles working together to complete the process.

Of course, there are medications to deal with the pain, but that gives you temporary relief. Here are a few handy remedies to try out during your periods to beat the discomfort all through the menstrual cycle and make it easier on your body.


  1. Engage in physical activities


When all you want to do is snuggle up in your bed and not move a muscle, any kind of physical activity can sound menacing. But the reality is that, keeping yourself physically active through daily chores, exercises, walking, and so on, can maintain the blood flow, keeping your muscle movement going. Cardio workouts like walking, cycling, jogging etc. are said to release more endorphins which helps combat the pain.


           2. Engage in yoga



The best way to ensure that your muscle movement stays intact is through daily stretching and allowing your body to open up. Hence yoga. Yoga postures targeted towards the lower body, legs, and back allow your muscles to stretch and flex. These are some of the best postures to practice during periods:


                 3. Make a hot cuppa


There’s a saying that tea solves all problems. When it comes to periods, a cup of hot tea does solve the pain. Caffeine-free, herbal teas are high on anti-oxidants and amino acids, which help reduce muscle spasms. So fix yourself a cup of green, mint or ginger tea, or calming chamomile tea and let the pain bid adieu.


         4. Use a hot-water bag


Fill a hot-water bag with piping hot water, cover it with a cloth and keep it on the painful areas, especially the abdomens. The heat relaxes your muscles and helps with better blood-flow. You can replace the hot-water bag with a heating pad, or even a warm towel.


                 5. Get a dose of Vitamin D


Increase your Vitamin D intake during your periods. Vitamin D reduced production of prostaglandins- a hormone responsible for period cramps and pain. Catch the morning sun as much you can and include eggs, fishes, and milk products in your diet during these days.


       6. Reduce your caffeine intake


Caffeine tends to make your blood vessels contract, which is the last thing you need when you already have cramps and stiff muscles. Try to avoid coffee and caffeine-rich food to ease the pain.


                      7. Avoid specific foods


There are a lot of foods that most of us are unaware of, that can escalate the menstrual pain. Avoid indulging in fatty and spicy food, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and anything that is high on salt and sugar. 


                 8. Relax your mind and body


Keeping your mind calm is essential to combat any discomfort. And period pains are no exception. Try to meditate and relax your nerves. Get a pampering massage with essential oils to soothe the muscles. A warm bath with salt and essential oils also helps relax your mind and body, thus reducing the overall uneasiness.


                9.Have coconut oil



Coconut oil is high in natural anti-inflammatory enzymes. Since your period cramps are caused due to inflammation of your muscles, using coconut oil as a part of your diet can help reduce that inflammation.  

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