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Periods are a sensitive time for every woman. There is the added pressure of going about your daily life, but while dealing with the fear of leakage and the general discomfort of wearing a pad. Taking care of yourself must be a priority and Niine Sanitary pads help you do that. These extra-long sanitary pads provide 100% protection from leakages. They are also chemical-free, which makes them skin-friendly as they stay in contact with your intimate areas for long periods of time. And their fragrance locks and keeps away bad odour, helping you stay fresh throughout.

Both the Dry Comfort and Naturally Soft ranges come with their respective sub-ranges that are suitable for the different needs of all women. They are available on the website with an accompanying buying guide, to help the customer make the best decision as per their requirements.

Dry Comfort

Naturally Soft

Baby Diaper Pants

Baby Wipes



The Niine Period Tracker App for Android and iOS is developed in consultation with professionals at FOGSI.

The application helps you keep a track of your menstrual hygiene.

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Niine Bio - Degradable Sanitary Napkins

Niine is working towards a litter-free and greener environment through the production of biodegradable sanitary napkins. This sustainable solution is not only affordable but also enables women to effectively manage their menstrual cycles without compromising their health and overall well-being.



25 / ICICI Employee
Niine Ultra Thin sanitary napkins have a soft texture and long-lasting protection which prevents rashes and keeps me dry all day/night. They are a saviour!


24 / Bigbasket Employee
Bought Niine Hand Sanitizer gel tube online. It’s non-sticky and makes my hands soft & gentle. It is also travel-friendly which allows me to carry it in my bag all the time.


25 / MBA Student
Bought Niine Dry-Comfort Ultra Sanitary Napkins. Finally, a sanitary pad brand that has made opening and storing pads convenient with their resealable packaging. Probably the best sanitary napkins in India!


26 / Student
Niine ultra-thin XL sanitary pads are extremely comfy & soft, which allows me to work long hours without being worried and that is what definitely makes life easy.


42 / Business Woman
I found Niine Naturally Soft extra-long sanitary pads online. They leave no irritation and are super comfortable to use during my heavy flow days.


27 / EY Employee
It has always been a hassle to carry around a sanitizer bottle everywhere. That’s when I came across pocket-friendly Niine sanitizer gel sachets, the perfect, on-the-go solution. Loving them!


18 / Student
Niine Naturally Soft Regular sanitary pads are comfortable to use and stick well. No odour problems as well. Without a doubt, they are the best sanitary pads in India!

Anita Nagpal

47 / Homemaker
Felt a need to change to Niine Ultra-thin XL+ sanitary pads. They make me tension free from stains. Soft texture is super comfy. Definitely recommend it to all as it's worth a buy.


26 / EY Employee
Niine Naturally Soft Regular sanitary pads are comfortable to use and stick well. No odour problems as well. Without a doubt, they are the best sanitary pads in India!

Anju Madnani

49 / Homemaker
I bought Niine Sanitary Napkins online. They are well priced, extremely good quality, and cater to the different needs of all at my home as they offer a wide range of sizes.


22 / Student
Being a PCOS patient who experiences irregular flow, I've tried almost all sanitary napkin brands but ever since I switched to Niine Ultra Thin, I'd say it's the best decision I made.


25 / Doctor
Pads softer than cotton. Never faced rashes issue after the shift and the biodegradable bags are just so convenient, Niine Sanitary Napkins just earned themselves a loyal patron!
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